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"Our goal at Little VIP Daycare & Private School, LLC is to give each child a safe, healthy and nurturing educational environment."

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3679 Countryside Lane
Eugene, Oregon 97404

Phone:(541) 461-4991

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Welcome to Little VIP Daycare & Private School, LLC

Little VIP Daycare & Private School, LLC are a licensed certified family home daycare and preschools. We provide children a unique opportunity to learn about the world around them, have fun with peers, and most of all, develop their creativity, intellect and social skills in a safe and nurturing environment. Image Because our pre-school & daycare center cares for a fairly small group of children, we have the opportunity to get to know and work closely with every child. We also have the ability to communicate remotely with their parents during this most delicate phase of their growth. Please visit us soon. You are welcome to tour our home day care center. Please call (541) 870-9868 for inquiries.