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"Our goal at Little VIP Daycare & Private School, LLC is to give each child a safe, healthy and nurturing educational environment."

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3679 Countryside Lane
Eugene, Oregon 97404

Phone:(541) 461-4991

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Image Another school year begins, our family at Little VIP Daycare & Private School, LLC grows even bigger. We welcome your child to be the next new enrollee at our home daycare center. We are pleased to announce we now have a second location that embodies all the same qualities as our first location.

We offer a preschool, pre-k and private kindergarten up to second grade level program. For parents who want to give their child an early head start, Little VIP Daycare & Private School, LLC has an early-reader program that gives your child the opportunity to be introduced to reading skills as early as 24 months old. We plan to improve our early-reader program more and help kids become fast learners as they age in their childhood.

Little VIP Daycare & Private School, LLC has a small but well-trained staff  that are educated and confident in their skills that they can guide your children to their full potential. Even with a small staff, we ensure that our day care center is friendly, safe, and a conducive setting for your child’s early development.