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3679 Countryside Lane
Eugene, Oregon 97404

Phone:(541) 461-4991

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Owner’s Profile

Image Lai Stender is the owner and administrator at Little VIP Daycare & Private School, LLC. She is happily married for more than twenty years and a loving pet owner to 2 Pomeranian Dogs. She is passionate about caring for children and giving them opportunities to grow in a nurturing environment.

Here’s what she has to say about the learning center:

I strive to create an atmosphere in which each child feels encouraged to open up and take chances in their academic career as well as with their personal relationships with the other children. Evidence of my experience, education, and accomplishments can be seen in the children that attend Little VIP Daycare & Private School, LLC, in the ones that have moved on and will also be seen in your own child after only a few weeks in my care.


I strongly believe that a child’s behavior and ability to learn are greatly influenced by their surrounding environment and that is why I take the time to make sure that my home is always clean and inviting, organized and well stocked with all of the supplies needed for day to day activities.


Here at Little VIP Daycare & Private School, LLC the children participate in a variety of preschool activities, including but not limited to, learning their ABC’s, numbers, colors, shapes, days, months, seasons, reading, writing, dramatic play, dancing and arts and crafts.


I take extra time to prepare the children well balanced meals that go beyond that of a typical daycare or school lunch. I feel that a child must be well nourished in order to grow up strong and healthy and that a balanced meal helps with the ability to focus during class sessions.